Thursday, August 11, 2011

gulp - world's largest stop motion animation

'gulp' by aardman
all images courtesy aardman

'gulp', a short film created by sumo science at aardman, has broken a world record for the 'largest stop-motion animation'. completely shot using a 12-megapixel cellphone camera on a nokia N8, the project was set on 11,000 m2 of sand on south wales' pendine beach. props include a full-scale boat and a rain-jacket clad actor to tell a harrowing episode of a fisherman's time at sea.

the short involved a large team that raked and smoothed out patterns on the sand to create a seascape--and the inside of a whale's belly--when viewed from above. shot from a large crane overhead, the images were then compiled to run at 25 frames per second to create the stop-motion effect.

make sure to check out the making-up film embedded at the bottom of the page.

camera set up

nokia N8

the team

props used

making of

via WIRED 
via designboom 

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